GAC LogoExpedition.  Thoughts immediately jump to stories of Africa, the Australian Outback or Antarctica. These and many other unique and adventurous places, fuel our dreams for exploration.  Here you will see stories from these types of exotic destinations and many others.

The GAC will launch adventures, from the highly outfitted and/or logistically complex, to “seat-of-the-pants” short field trips taken by air, sea or ground.  We’ll journal adventures from our past while stepping off on new explorations, fueling our passion for adventure of all kinds.

Our goal is to avoid the typical themes of most travel blogs, and tell our adventures from highlighted moments that happened along the way.  Additionally, in the future we plan to expand to your stories in addition to our own.  So go seek adventure in all corners of your life.  As Ovid said, “The bold adventurer succeeds the best”.