Tobias Capwell

Tobias Capwell

To be a Knight.

A good friend of the GAC, Tobias Capwell sent us the following clip highlighting his passion and pursuit of historically accurate jousting.

Toby, the curator of Arms and Armour at the renown, Wallace Collection in London, is participating in the jousting tournament at Schaffhausen, Switzerland today, July 10th, though July 20th.

In trading some news with him early today, he happily reported to us that he had survived the first day of the tournament, scoring two breaks on the helm of his opponent, and won both rounds of the joust.

Congrats Toby and best of luck during the tournament!

See Toby’s Clip for the Tournament at Schaffausen here!

Also, for anyone in Southern California this October 17th – 19th, Toby will be competing stateside in the Tournament of the Pheonix in Poway California. He is amazing to see in action.

Check it out here!