Back into the groove

Greetings friends! We’ve been away from our social media for a bit, as we regroup after a trip to Lake Tahoe. We’ll be posting our first story from that trip later today. Additional stories coming in the following weeks.

Also, we’ve had our first submission from one of our founding members, after a trip he took to Key West. We’re working to get that posted in the coming weeks as well.

To that point, we’d love any signal boost you all can provide. Feel free to invite like-minded friends to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and as our group grows, we want to include stories from those of you willing to share your adventures.

It’s always been our hope, to test our own limits, and inspire our followers to do the same. And in turn, inspire us by sharing your own adventures, big or small.

So tell your friends, leave us feedback, and share your stories.

After all, life is about the adventure.